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The LoWd House has the front porch light burning! Thank you for stopping in.
What started as a personal journey of Self,
has bloomed into a Search for Tribe.
People like me. 50+ caught between the
Media, Politics, Medical, Science, Money.
FACT CHECK has turned out to be a Mantra!

The Result: 
"It Feels Good to Feel Good"
10,000 hours have been dedicated to Fusion of Flavor and an equal number of hours looking for alternatives!  There is a Choice.
Creating experiences that improve lifestyle and friendships worth having. Using minimal ingredients found in the kitchen or grown in the garden. (recommended) 

When the time comes for "another way" or "something different"
Reach out -
Subject Line : Way Different

Consider The LoWd House for:
Smoke & Drank Events & Festival Vending
Private Catering
Edible Gifts

Last but not least,
Reserve The LoWd House for:
Cannabis & Psilocybin Integration Techniques

"Feels Good to Feel Good"



Where a picture is worthathousand words

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