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Cannabis Leaf

Welcome to TheLoWdHouse. Have a seat on the couch. Settle in and allow the love from women for the world and for weed - cannabis - to command all of your senses. 



Cannabis Leaf

Weed Women World

Loving our



- of great intensity, noise

- obsolete form of loud

- the good smoke 

Thousands of years ago, flowers and fruits healed and enraptured, and were prepared over an open fire. Your host wants nothing more than to spark the ancient flames that revealed cannabis and blissful living.

She has been waiting for you to walk into her kitchen and warm yourself at the hearthstone.

Welcome to TheLoWdHouse. 


CBD Science

Cabinet to Kitchen

Cannabis revealed herself to Yvonne Lili when she was ready to accept her healing aspects. Standing over her stove, she realized the cannabis plant, the flower, its essence and oils belonged in her pantry alongside all of the world's herbs and spices. The medicine of once upon a time then and there became a part of her food, her daily nourishment and her wellness rituals. This union of medicine and food begged Yvonne to examine her feelings about the kitchen, what she was creating in the sacred space and how she was going to share cannabis with friends and strangers alike. 

And so TheLoWdHouse was built and the first ancientWORLDfusion edible cannabis concoctions were blended, bottled and bestowed to those inviting herbal consiousness into their lives. 


Cannabis Coffee

After deeply exploring cannabis in a culinary environment, Yvonne is now prepared to reveal her path and share her knowledge around the kitchen table. Through gatherings, personal consultations and her cannabis delicacies, Yvonne is breaking wellness barriers and creating spaces for anyone to experience the benefits of cannabis in an edible form.

Blue Cannabis Leaf

Being an active, older adult herself, Yvonne is developing a program to share her passion for cannabis in the kitchen with women over the age of 50. She hopes to reconnect women to the kitchen, a sacred space that was once the center of the home and health.

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